Web Defense

Defend against a myriad of cyber threats by applying real-life security steps.

7 categories with more than 80 levels in all
3 bonus puzzles to tease your cyber brain
Apply real-life cyber security steps. Links to cyber security web resources are included.
New cyber threat introduced in nearly every level
New weapon introduced in every category to help you blast away enemies
Get your dose of adrenaline rush while playing

Web Defense

Do the correct security actions, as you would do in real life, to wipe out the cyber threat enemies. And with the help of ODEs, your allies, collect as many power items to power up their weapons and blast away the enemies, specially when the tempo starts to kick off.

While engaging yourself in the game, you will be enriching your knowledge on cyber security measures that you can apply immediately in your daily reality for a safer internet experience. Moreover links to cyber security web resources are provided for more detailed and up-to-date information.

And don't forget to follow us on Twitter @choubits for hints to solve the 3 cyber brain teasers which will reveal the words behind the acronym ODE.

Solve the first puzzle to reveal the word hidden behind the letter O. You can even try to solve it on paper without the game. Just check the image above. Follow us on Twitter @choubits for hints.